Wabi-Sabi Combo Kit
Wabi-Sabi Combo Kit

Wabi-Sabi Combo Kit

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Wabi-Sabi Combo Kit - A "Combo" of tools designed for the Wabi-Sabi Workshops. Talented instructor, Michael Rievley's workshops include repairs, restoration and leading techniques of stained glass panels. Michael's choice of tools are the finest we offer for your Wabi-Sabi leading experience.
  • Fan Out Pattern Shears
  • Fan Out Lead Dykes
  • Fan Out Grozing Pliers
  • Lead Vise
  • Glazing Hammer
  • Weller 100 Soldering Iron
  • Pzaz Brush.
  • Item #WS601

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15925-Fanout Foil Shears15928-Fanout Lead Dykes15927-Fanout Curved Jaw Pliers15841-Studio Pro Lead Came Vise15780-Value Professional Glazing Hammer10010-Weller 100 Watt Iron 15885-PZAZ Luster Brush

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