Edco Copper Back Foil 3/16
Edco Copper Back Foil 3/16' - 6 Pack

Edco Copper Back Foil 3/16" - 6 Pack

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Part Number: CF12350-6
Edco Copper Back Foil 3/16" 1.25 Mil - 6 Pack: Edco Copper Back Foil is made with "dead soft copper" and the strongest adhesive in the industry, so it sticks closely to each piece making your finished work stronger and more attractive. 
  • Copper Back is for all opalescent projects. 
  • When used with clear non-opalescent glass copper patina should be used. 
  • 36 yards each roll
  • Width: 3/16"
  • Thickness: 1.25
  • Backing: Copper
  • Less than $6.80 per roll
  • Item #CF12350-6

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