Cutter's Mate Beetle Bit Mini
Cutter's Mate Beetle Bit Mini

Cutter's Mate Beetle Bit Mini

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Creator's Brand Cutter's Mate Beetle Bit Mini Cutting System - Aides in scoring angles & straight edges to create basic shaped or strips.

  • Designed with the same principles as the Cutter's Mate: simplicity, comfort and ease of scoring
  • Wear-resistant straight edge, excellent for strips
  • Compass indicates all popular angles for basic shapes
  • Designed for use with the Waffle Grid Surface & Flying Beetle Cutting Head (two included)
  • Oil well
  • 2 adjustable angle rests, one for each side of the work surface
  • 1 stationary straight edge rest
  • 1 swiveling rest, functioning as the compass dial
  • 2 multi-directional glass stops
  • 14" zero marked ruler
  • 18" straight edge
  • Made in the USA!
  • Item # BB103

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