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Spectrum Waterglass® Soft White Opal Iridescent 8" x 11" ID#:: S200.91WI-S
Spectrum Waterglass® Soft White Opal Iridescent 8" x 11"
Spectrum WaterglassŪ Soft White Opal Iridescent 8' x 11'
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Spectrum Waterglass® Soft White Opal Iridescent: 8" x 11" Sheet
  • Color: White
  • Category: Single Color
  • Texture: Texture
  • Opacity: Opalescent

Spectrum Iridescent Waterglass® is a natural surface texture created by stretching the hot glass sheet while it is still in a pliable state. The result is gentle, rolling waves that resemble the surface of a lake or stream. The stretching process also renders a highly pristine surface and a slightly narrower sheet. Though many imitators have tried, mechanically rolled patterns simply cannot approach the subtle, delicate nature of the true Waterglass texture.

A thin layer of metallic crystal has been bonded to these glasses during sheet forming, creating a colorful, shimmering surface effect.
Because it is so difficult to photograph the "mother of pearl" look accurately, we do not attempt to portray our full line of Iridescent products in photos here on the website... but rest assured that all of these colors/textures are available iridized.
Photo above is a general representation of glass color. Actual color may vary.
As always... there is never a boxing charge for glass!
To keep our prices at their very lowest , we require a minimum of 6 sheets per order. They can be mixed in various colors, the only thing we ask is that they be the same size (small or medium or 12" x 12") from the same manufacturer for safe packing purposes. With Spectrum, you may mix Waterglass® with all the other Spectrum glass types. Small with small... Medium with medium, 12" x 12" with 12" x 12". :)
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